Trinity Kids Sunday Registration - Autumn 2021

Our staff - Our Sunday children’s activities are supported by volunteer parents, carers and other church members.

Which group should my child attend? The ages below are a guide for which group your child will be in. We may flex occasionally depending on the number of children in each age group and the number of volunteers.
Creche - for ages 1 +
Trinity Kids Juniors – For children in Nursery through to Primary 2
Trinity Kids - Primary 3 - Primary 6

Please complete this form for each child that you wish to be looked after by our volunteer team.

Child Information

Tip: Leave blank if this is the same as first name

Tip: Primary/School year at August 2021

Medical Information

Please complete the following boxes with relevant information that will help our volunteers care for your child. If there are none, please enter ‘none’.

Tip: Please let us know if there are any medical conditions that volunteers should be made aware of when caring for your child

Tip: Please also let a volunteer know when dropping your child off each time of any allergies

Tip: i.e. vegetarian/vegan etc

Tip: Please let us know if there are any additional support needs that would help to make volunteers aware of when caring for your child

Photography & Video Approval

To help comply with data and child protection guidelines please answer the following questions regarding photography and video consent. #TKS document the activities children are participating in either via a still photograph or a short video. Please consider whether you wish to give permission for photographs and videos of your child to be used as per the questions below. We will never use the full name of children on our website or social media. Please note you can change your permissions at any given time using this form. However, any photos with previously given consent cannot normally be recovered.


Tip: Please let a volunteer know when dropping your child off each time of any allergies/intolerances/dietary requirements

Toileting (Nursery & Creche age only)

Please encourage your child to use the toilet and wash their hands before joining the session. 

All children asking for the toilet will be accompanied by a volunteer who is a member of the protecting vulnerable groups (PVG) scheme. At times a child may need support with personal care and, if you provided consent, the volunteer may help them. On occasions, volunteers may choose to request the parent/carer helps. The same approach applies for children who may require a nappy change.

Parent/Carer Information

Please note that we will seek assistance from you as the responsible adult immediately if anything happens during the session in terms of accident, illness, behaviour or distress, and the responsible adult should remain on the premises at all times.

Tip: Please enter the name of the responsible adult who will be bringing the child



Our Creche/Nursery and Trinity Kids classes are run by volunteers. You are usually asked to serve one week in every 4 however, please write in the comments if you are able to commit in another way. Volunteers must apply and be approved by the Trinity Safeguarding team. We will send you more information about becoming a volunteer seperately including the neccessary volunteer paperwork and PVG Scheme membership if required.

Tip: Can select multiple if desired


How we use your data

We need to collect this personal data so that we can effectively and safely run Trinity Kids, within Trinity Church of the Nazarene. This information is held securely by Trinity Church online and is only accessible to those who require it.

We will never share your information with other organisations without your consent. For further information about your data and how we use it, please speak to one of the team leaders or contact