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MyTrinity is Trinity's Church membership & attendee database - We want to be able to keep you more involved in the activities of our church, and to manage the data that we hold for you better across our different ministries by collating everything into one central location.

As we begin to roll this database out, and move the data we already hold into it, we'd like to take this opportunity to ensure the data we hold for people is accurate - which you can help with by filling this form in to provide us up-to-date details for yourself. Note that even if you do not fill in this form, if you have given your information to the church via other means (e.g. through one of our ministries) this data will be merged into MyTrinity over the coming months. Once the database is live, you will be able to login to view the data that we hold on you at any time, as well as keep us updated with any changes.

If you need any further information, please speak to either the church secretary, Calum, or Pastor Emma, or

Contact Details

Tip: Your email address is how you can logon to check & update your data, and how we will contact you about your membership. You will be able to unsubscribe to non-essential messages.

Tip: We need a phone number so that we can contact you in person. If you don't have a landline, please put your mobile number in instead.

Dates & Anniversaries

Knowing your age & marital status helps us to understand the make-up of our church and it's ministries. We might even send you a Happy Birthday message :-)

About You

Tip: We would like to know your job as it is useful to know the skill sets of the membership of our church

Home Address

Where you normally live

Tip: Knowing your address helps the church understand where our congregation is located, and helps to facilitate pastoral visits

How We Use Your Data

As a church member or attendee you are important to us, and as such we treat the personal information we hold on you with equal importance. We need to hold personal data on members and attendees for a number of different reasons, for example:

  • The administration of the church, e.g. keeping records of our membership, and contacting members when required
  • To help us grow the ministry here at Trinity, e.g. understanding the demographics of our membership, such that we can make appropriate choices about the ministries and activities that we run.
  • For safety & safeguarding purposes, e.g. knowing allergies and food intolerances of those in our children's ministries

We must have a justifiable reason to hold your personal data, known as a "Lawful Basis". In general, we hold data because we as a church have a legitimate need to hold personal data on our members and attendees to properly run our church and its ministries. In other cases we may seek explicit consent from you to hold personal data or to use it for certain purposes.

MyTrinity is a secure database, the data contained within it can only be viewed by leaders within the church who have a need to see it.

To find out more about how we use your data, please contact